About GCA


Dear GCA Members

Welcome to our GCA website.

I want to take this opportunity to thank all our GCA membership for their support and for the confidence you have bestowed upon me to serve as President. I and the entire GCA committee members are committed to promote and enhance our long standing values, beliefs, and most importantly our culture.

Our GCA has built its exemplary reputation through dedication and hard work to community service by our past leaders and our membership. We are stronger also through the continued financial and volunteer support of not only our GCA members, but also our fellow associations in Tennessee and individuals from across the USA.

As President one of my priorities will be to establish a more open dialogue with our youth. The participation and promotion of our next generation of youth is critical to the survival of our GCA. One way to begin is via this web site. I encourage all youth, and our general membership, to visit this web site regularly and post any comments and suggestions which will be one way to improve communications.

I ask that we all do our part, however small, to make sure we continue with the forward progress that encompasses all segments of our membership, including our Senior Citizens, Women (the backbone of our families) and our youth.

In closing I want to wish all of you and your families continued good health and success.

I look forward to working together.

Jai Shree Krishna.


Nayan Patel