History and Directions

Gujarat Cultural Association History

Gujarat Cultural Association was formed in 1978 at Safari Lodge in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

There was a small gathering to celebrate Holi, hosted by P.M. Patel and his wife Hansaben and although the gathering was small, the community spirit was very high.

The following members and their families are considered to be the founding members of the Gujarat Cultural Association: P. M. Patel, Shankerbhai G. Patel, Dullabhbhai P. Patel, Hasmukhbhai Rama, Manhar Rama, Arvindbhai D. Parbhu, Naranbhai P. Patel, Gopalbhai V. Patel, Hasmukhbhai B. Patel, & Ashwinbhai Patel.

After celebrating Holi and prayers, a resolution was passed to form an association to promote religious, cultural and social programs, Dullabhbhai P. Patel was elected to be our first President. GCA has grown from approximately 20 families to now over 350 families.

Gujarat Cultural Association now

4418 Lebanon Pike
Hermitage, TN 37076
(615) 902 0044

The GCA community center was purchased in the fall of 1993. This center has over 35,500 square feet and one of the largest Indian community center.

After the purchase of our center, extensive renovation has been done to it, we have added kitchen facilities, sound room, play area that also has a volley ball court, dining area, food serving area, our main hall has a nice stage. This facility is the crown achievement of our loyal members and their dedicated leadership.

Operating such a large facility shall need a continued support from our loyal members, so that our future generations can continue to enjoy our community center. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our members for their support.

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